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Welcome to Angeliclovelight!
I’m a healer, herbalist and organic gardener in Japan.
Now I’m offering the wide range of energy works, includes original Angel energy healing, angel guidance reading,
usui-reiki treatment,porality works, and chios energy healing,EARTHLY HEALING, and also crystal healing. Besides I am taking the service of  organic&spiritual garden consulting, flower essences consulting, and herbal healing session as a EARTH-GROUNDED gardener and herbalist.I am a founder of angelic love and light sessions(angel energy works) and do healing works in Japan and to all over the world as well.

 My essential works is spiritual energy works with Angels. I has been oneness with angels from my childhood.   Angels are the divine partner and co-founder of all of my works, and I am a specialist of any angelic spiritual works. In my sessions I conduct  many colors, wonderful also beautiful energies, and message of angels which were brought from angelic realms . In these sessions, I will connect and invoke Archangels and specific angels of healing and infuse the light, color and love directly to clients energy field. So BEAUTIFUL lights and unconditional love from angelic realms are tapped into your bodies.My sessions are unique, divine and elegantly diffused from Angelic realm, these are purely the gifts from Angels.If you want to take some spiritual healing in Japan. my healing works are the wonderful choice for you.
Or if you’re just interested in angels, gardening, spirituality, spiritual workshop in Japan,herbal healing, and earth change& transformation, we could be  good friends and you could join my any club or cafe activities, so please contact me from any countries. Thank you for your visiting and reading this,
I hope I could have the chance to bring the angelic gifts to you!
Touch with angels!


Now I am making new healing salon and move to new place, so I does not offer any
hands-on healing sessions. I am sorry. I will definitely tell you my hands-on sessions re-start and schedule
on this site and twitter.

You could order any healing sessions from this website, both  in Japan and from all around the world.
My website is now in Japanese, but if you are attracted in some session, and want to take some sessions, please email me and I will send you some specific description about each healing session.


I will do many kinds of mini-workshop about angels, energy works and also organic gardening and herbal healing.Now I am making a new herbal healing garden in Japan and when it started to open to the public, I will do many natural-based healing session and workshop in my garden, as well as Earth-friendly gardening club. If you want to join these activities, please contact me even if you don’t speak Japanese well now. I am offering any activities to foreigners in Japan. Also I am very welcome to all people from the world, so if you travel Japan, or if you live in near Japan like Korea or Taiwan,please tell and ask me all sessions workshop, and club activities.
I will give off my announcement about my activities here:
workshop related with spiritual energy works angeliclovelight.info
workshop related with organic gardening and natural healing earthangelgardens.net
chat cafe, talking circle, and reading club sweetdaisy.info

love and blessings,